Family Medicine

Dr. Stefana Pecher’s Family Medicine Center

Dr. Stefana Pecher’s Family Medicine Center has been proudly serving serving Southeastern Ct and Southwestern RI for almost a decade. Dr. Pecher and our wonderful group of dedicated providers take the time to treat each patient with the care they need.

Stop by if you need any of the services listed below



Our physical examinations offer you an opportunity to determine a general status of your overall health and wellness.


Female and Male Wellness Exams

Companies are now encouraging employees to live healthier lives by receiving ongoing wellness/physical exams to receive lower wellness premium rates on their insurance.  We are happy to perform these exams and complete the necessary paperwork.


Pediatric Visits

The Country Doc Family Medicine Center places a special importance on pediatric urgent care.  We also provide routine care for children 12 years old and up.  Stop by or Call Today to make an appointment.


Gynecological Care

The Country Doc Gynecological Care Family Medicine Center is your one stop shop for Gynecological Care.  Let our caring staff take care of you.


Medical Testing/On-Site Lab

We have a full onsite lab at The Country Doc Wellness & Family Medicine Center, so we can provide a multitude of medical tests.


Minor Surgeries

The Country Doc Wellness & Family Medicine Center has all the facilities to perform minor surgeries.  Let our caring staff take care of your next minor surgery.


Diabetic Care

Our office offers comprehensive routine diabetic visits for our diabetic patients. Closely being monitored is imperative to reduce the risks associated with complications of diabetes.

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