Mommy’s Club (Organic) – Hand Sanitizer (1 ounce)




Sanitizer Home and Hand contains stabilized chlorine dioxide (stabilized oxygen) that has been used for decades in water purification and is known to be effective against bacteria and viruses. It does not dry out skin, and because the active ingredient breaks down into table salt, it is safe to use on hands as well as surfaces including, but not limited to tables, works areas and clothes.

To Use

Sanitizer Home and Hand is 100% ToxicFree®, and its oxygen-rich solution is unlike any alcohol based or aerosol sanitizer. It does not dry out your skin and it is safe to use on any surface. Generously mist your hands and rub under your fingernails for total protection. Spray directly on counter tops, work areas, changing tables, restrooms or minor scrapes and abrasions to sanitize.


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